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Sinful Delights

This is a new series called “Sinful Delights” which is my journey of the mind, body and soul in the form of eroticism, sugar consumption and es/exotericism. Check back here or on social media for progress shots while I create these 13 paintings simultaneously as I deepen my skill in representational art and molding relief, learn of the effects of sugar imbalances and explore spiritual introspection. The series is being created using a mixed media of acrylic paint, candy wrappers and actual sugar content.

In these 13 paintings I use the primary 12 chakra system as a basis for each color palette and will be creating smaller study paintings along the journey. The 12th painting is divided into two for a total count of 13 paintings. Each one focuses on inspirations through various religions, beliefs and conspiracy theories incorporated together to create a cohesive image that can also be used for mediation and a point of focus. If you choose to follow the journey please be advised that it may lead you down a rabbit hole while I search to name my spirituality. Although I have come to a conclusion that my faith cannot be named and I just accept that it flows at a higher consciousness within me.

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