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"Sinful Delights" Gate 6: Third Eye

Gate 6: Progress Shot

The 6th in the series relates to the 3rd eye chakra, located at the center of the forehead, and the color indigo. This one will always be special to me as it was the very first in the series. This is the painting that started the journey and marks the point of where I was with my art and spirituality. I was tapping into my 3rd eye. The deepened beauty of this piece is its significance to my health. I had thought I was in a good place with my health but that had changed real quick. I was exercising regularly and eating a fairly healthy diet when I began having various symptoms on top of an increase in my regular migraines. Day by day my chakra was becoming blocked and leaving me in a stagnant state with my work and my family.

Reference Photos

Gate 6: Reference Photo

Acrylic Paint Color Scheme

There was no line art for this painting because I went straight to canvas with the referenced photo. She lured me in, making me envious of her powerful gaze with her enticing finger biting. I just had to get her on canvas quickly. There is a power of allurement the eyes can hold when accompanied by beauty.


Gate 6: Close Up

Pietersite Crystal

Pictured above is a close up of the figure’s 3rd eye and the referenced crystal stone. The stone is called pietersite and is used to help open the 3rd eye chakra. More specifically it is used to enhance telepathy and psychic visions. For these reasons I felt the stone would work wonders as the eyes and windows to our innate psychic abilities.



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