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Achievements's Artist of the Month 2nd Place Winner

My painting Exonerated Awakening was chosen by the editors as 2nd place winner in the February-March 2024 exhibition contest.

Exonerated Awakening 2nd Place

Live Painting

Personally requested in 2019 for another live performance at "Vault Allure". This experience festival was sponsored by Riverview Neighborhood Association of Jersey City, New Jerseyand Fidelity Bar & Nokia Bell Labs. Another great experience to a part of.

profile pic_edited.jpg

My First Mural Art Project

The City of Bayonne held a Utility Box Art Project where I was one of the selected artist chosen to paint a PSE&G Utility Box. The box I was given the opportunity to paint currently sits on the corner of Broadway and W 26th St of Bayonne, New Jersey.


Art Collide's Order & Chaos Exhibition Finalist

Beautiful Migraine was selected as the 2023 Finalist for Art Collide's Virtual Exhibition "Order & Chaos".

Beautiful Migraine - finalist post_edited.jpg

Live Painting

My first live event performance of its kind was held at the "Vault Allure" of 2018 within the vaulted bridge in the underside of Historical Holland Street. Wow what an experience! Sponsored by Riverview Neighborhood Association of Jersey City, New Jersey and Fidelity Bar & Nokia Bell Labs.


Zine Creation!

In 2017 I decided to create an art zine called Straight From The Den which featured my own creative writing and artwork. The zines included artist profiles and images of their work that I drafted and designed through personal interviews. I was putting to use the graphic design knowledge I had developed over the years.

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