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        Art by Latinsilver explores esoteric and mythic realms through pop culture and personal manifestations. The artworks deliver introspective concepts through whimsical and aesthetic figures. The artist uses representational and molded relief styles with bold and vibrant color schemes. Pertaining to unique subjects the paintings became a therapeutic way for the artist to journal her explorations of personal growth. She developed her own representational technique of relief sculpting by recycling dried up, acrylic paint and molding paste. Her method of relief adds texture and areas of focus that are meant to entice viewers to engage with the paintings by sight and touch.

    The artist, Latinsilver, has been known under her pen name since 1997. Her creative journey started at home mimicking the representational style of her father’s. Considering Applied Sciences was on the rise during her generation, she chose to pursue a career in the Graphic Arts. In her pursuits of the arts she developed a background in graphic design, painting and illustration. After acquiring an Associate’s degree she picked up freelance work and grew a following. Then her business as Art by Latinsilver was born selling original art and customized paintings and illustrations. Since then she has exhibited works all around the New Jersey tri-state area as well as published children's illustrations in the California district.

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