Artist Short Bio

Since 2012, Latinsilver has explored self-reflection, sexuality, nature, and nostalgia through various mediums and techniques in her works of art. She is best known for her erotic series This is Inception and her botanical paintings inspired by popular character Audrey II from the film Little Shop of Horrors. At the beginning of her career, just after receiving her Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design, she began to focus more on the fine art aspect of her studies. She started out using pastels then moved onto acrylic paint for her figurative nudes while exploring inverted and colorful compositions. However, being an illustrator at heart for 10 years, she also incorporates the use of ink, watercolor, and digital software. Her main influences for her Pop Art stem from the childhood of  her and her children beginning in the 80’s to the present day of which include a range of artists, illustrators, and film. She mostly portrays dark, whimsical subjects through colorful and grungy techniques.

Artist CV

Current Events

November 4th, 2017             Female Manifesto ~ Bohoyoga Studio ~ Bayonne, NJ

Past Events

October 2017                         JCAST 2017 ~ Pershing Field Community Center ~ Jersey City, NJ

October 2017                         Halloween Art Party 2 ~ ArtxSoulNJ ~ Hawthorne, NJ

October 2017                         Gallery Night ~ Artfront Galleries & NJCRI ~ Newark, NJ

October 2017                         Urban Retro ~ Artfront Galleries ~ Newark, NJ

September 2017                   Urban Confluence ~ Artfront Galleries ~ Newark, NJ

June 16, 2017                        Spectrum 7 ~ Art Circle of Bayonne ~ Bayonne, NJ

May 11, 2017                          Urban Strategies ~ Artfront Galleries ~ Newark, NJ

April 13, 2017                        Urban Evidence III ~ Artfront Galleries at Atlas Desk ~ Newark, NJ

Dec. 17, 2016                         Winter Art Show ~ Cianfano’s Bar ~ Elizabeth, NJ

Dec. 2, 2016                           Winter Grand Salon ~ Greenpoint Gallery ~ Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 1-31, 2016                      Halloween Art Show ~ ArtxSoulNJ ~ Hawthorne, NJ

Oct. 15, 2016                         For the Sake of Art ~ Bayonne Community Museum ~ Bayonne, NJ

Oct. 8-9, 2016                       The Artist’s ChoiceJersey City Art & Studio Tour 2016 ~ Barrow Mansion ~ Jersey City, NJ

Oct. 8-9, 2016                       Group Exhibition; JCAST 2016 ~ Flagship Gallery ~ Jersey City, NJ

Sept. 24, 2016                       Boho Autumn Art Show ~ Boho Yoga ~ Bqayonne, NJ

July 16-17, 2016                   We The People ~ Hendrickson’s Corner ~ Bayonne, NJ

June 17-19, 2016                  Subject 13 ~ Bee’s Art Studio ~ Bayonne, NJ

April 23 – May 7, 2016        The 2nd Annual “Art in the City” Exhibition: Art and the Written Word

          JCC of Bayonne ~ Bayonne, NJ