I love how creative and fully imaginative artist today can really be. I’ve seen unimaginable, only by its
creator, works of art traditional and digital. Beautiful works that fits today’s movement of anything goes.

Many artist, before the computer world, started out with the basics: pencils and charcoal. Charcoal is one of my most favorite with the ease of movement and ability to blend, smear, and get messy. Pastels is only but a step up from charcoals because it has┬ácolor. I’ve even found metallic pastels.

I’ve started out with old fashion pastels that allow room for vibrant or subtle colors. A combo of the two, traditional and digital, makes up for my series This is Inception. These nude images of cropped figures in poses reflect an emotion, action, or any shear thought that crosses one’s mind. The titles are those thoughts emerged from the depth of my own psych.

It is purely up to the viewer to associate themselves with what these images evoke within.

As I read the inspiring teachings of Ian Kerner he goes to quote another author. Once I completed the sentence I knew I found the perfect explanation to my This is Inception Series. I have not heard of this author but am certainly going to look into his book the quote was taken from, The Naked Woman, by Desmond Morris.

Morris goes on to say:

“Every woman has a beautiful body–beautiful because it is the brilliant end-point of millions of years of evolution. It is loaded with amazing adjustments and subtle refinements that make it the most remarkable organism on the planet.”

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