My first blog post for 2017. Well, aside from the quotes I just posted here
I wanted to introduce to you more line art to painting concepts. Here is a most recent I did as a Winter theme yet it derived from an October drawing.

The Story

The Lonelies

These are the lonely lambs of winter.  They found each other wandering amongst the bitter cold. The length of time passing on without end. Beginning from that first fall night, these lambs caught the scent of cold, stale air upon the horizon. Each one began to wander alone through the desolate atmosphere that inhabited their world. As the chill air began to settle and grow with the passing threshold of winter they, wander on even still. Upon choice, upon chance, or upon innate possibilities, these lonely lambs crossed paths. And here they stand.





The Process

Inktober Day 19 of 2016

I came across a photo of some baby lambs during my brainstorming for Inktober back in October. They were just the cutest things and I felt I had to draw them. These precious little things became my Day 19 of Inktober 2016. The weird striped things protruding from the ground actually came from these awesome fall decorations I found during my hunt for ideas to decorate my table at events for Halloween. They are bendable and look so “Tim Burton” style when curled. They are really black and silver…so cool. The overall theme and color for the final painting came from the winter season I was currently in. A winter theme event came up so it became the perfect opportunity to pursue the painting on a piece of wood I had lying around. It’s final unveil was at The Winter Art Show on Dec. 17, 2016 held at Cianfano’s Bar in Elizabeth, NJ. It is acrylic and the final specs are 9 x 16.5 wood. It is for sale and ready to hang. However it makes a nice table top display too.

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