I am an illustrator first and foremost. Many of my concepts derive from a lot of pop culture, nature and just anything I come across that inspires me to draw. Whatever moment I am in can determine the illustration I want to paint and the outcome of the painting. After choosing an illustration I begin to live and breath the concept. The point of my life that I am at greatly helps me to decide what medium to use, canvas to paint on, and colors to use. Just like most artists, I pour my emotions and world into my work.  When all this comes together I create until it feels right to call it a final piece. Then I decide on an appropriate title if it hasn’t come to me during the process. This is the method behind my work. I creatively conceptualize to free myself from overload.

The example below is of an illustration I did during my 2015 participation of Inktober. This illustration led to my acrylic painting you see below. This was completed this past September of 2016.

Trolling Along Line Art
Trolling Along Line Art
Trolling Along web
Trolling Along

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