The Allegory of My Chemistry

by Latinsilver 8/23/16

Allegory of My Chemistry web
Allegory of My Chemistry

My colors exude beneath the aura of my chemistry
From within the spectrum reacts with opposing force
Building on hues of sensational states of forward and reverse
Creating perplexed moments of an alchemic stasis

My effortless flow in virtues in white during seasons of chastity
Although subdued in a slight grey perturbation during winter’s frost
My stems remain green grounding me in prosperity
Fleeting to earthy browns loyal to their natural state

Crowned by rudimentary inflorescence of aesthetic passion
From these my silken petals bloom in shades of sensuous purple
My floral innocence emits sweet ambrosial nectar
Alluring inamorato to explore what pink marvel lies within

Bearing a golden soul of antiquity and a passionate heart of red
Central to all remains dark and blackens the confidence to stand tall
Reaching for yellow sun’s warmth taking hold of its friendly bliss
Gradually igniting to a cast of orange feeling the energetic playfulness

I begin to dance and sing with the music pale winds emit
I sway in the breeze submitting to a blue sensation
Gently permitting light to vividly fill my pores with colors
Mindfully empty to allow my chemistry to fill with serenity

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