The Art Show on June 17th was great. It was so great meeting new fans and other artists. It was especially grand
to see 12 pieces of my work displayed in one location. I don’t get to see that while working on the paintings because
they just end up leaning on something around the house while I paint and prep for shows. One day I hope to have a
solo exhibition and see the collection of works that I have built up. I am a fan of my own work and why shouldn’t I
be. I certainly wouldn’t be painting something I didn’t like and most certainly wouldn’t display something I didn’t
like myself. From all the positive feedback I am gathering viewers out there like it too. Thank you for taking that
interest in my art.

My next show has just been scheduled for July 16-17 at Hendrickson’s Corner. Click the flyer below for a closer look.
And click here for the facebook event page.

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